Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New blog

Well since we have a new edition to the family :) I have decided to start a new blog so eventually sometime this week we will be at

Saturday, June 25, 2011

WHOA! What a crazy last little while! Oly's dr. decided that she really needed her tonsils and adenoids out because she was continuously sick for the past six months. I being a super worrier was not excited about this but felt like it was in her best interest since she had lived the past year on consistent antibiotics. We had Dr. Shah (not the one I work for) do her surgery. Our first go we got to the surgery center and was ready for her to be taken into surgery when Dr. Shah came in and ran over a few things...Oly was given motrin the week prior so he made us reschedule since it thins the blood and the tonsillectomy has such a high risk of bleeding. We rescheduled for two weeks later. Here are some pics from our T&A adventure....

Oly and Nanny before O was sedated.

Oly and her lucky socks :)

Before kids are really sedated they are given a nasal spray of Versed which calms them down so that it is not traumatic to be taken from mom and during the actually sedation process. She was KOd. Shortly after this the nurse came and took her from me leaving me in tears that I had to hand over my baby! Me and my mom sat out in the waiting room for what seemed like eternity for me! I was fine until I heard Dr. Shah paged to the OR room then I started to feel sick :( I tried to keep busy by teaching my mom how to put Facebook on her Droid...about twenty min went by and we were taken back to a recovery to sit with her...I could hear her screaming after they woke her and it BROKE my heart! They came and put her in my arms and almost instantly I noticed her breathing was gurgling, cracking, and croup like and was not normal but I told she was ok. The anesthesiologist came in and listened to her and they decided to give her a breathing treatment. They did end up discharging her even though she sounded terrible. I did get her home and still felt uneasy and called them again and was assured it was normal and would go away. So I just kept trying to get her to drink...I could not get her to drink or eat and anytime I forced her meds down her she vomited :( and her breathing got worse. All she kept saying was "mom, what you do?" she was so mad at me and blamed me for how sick she felt, talk about knife in the heart! I went to work the next day and when I came home she was worse and had developed a fever of 103 so to the hospital we went.

We took her to St. Marks where labs and xrays were done and an IV was started...The dr. said she had to be admitted but that they only took 16 years and older so we were sent to Primary Childrens. He made sure we had a room ready and waiting for us so at 1230 AM we headed to Primary.

We were met there by a group of drs and by the time all of that was done and over it was 330 and I thought we could sleep a while but I was wrong they checked on Oly every 15 minutes for the next 6 hours...It was the longest night of my life!

She was given IV antibiotics and steroids to help with her lungs. We had several great nurses to made our stay as comfortable as possible. I was progressively getting sick through out the days she was there and the lack of sleep did not help matters. We had lots of visitors like Grandma Georgia (who stayed the nights there with us) Harmony, Matt, Melody, Grandma Dixie, Haylee, and Aunt Sarena...So on an amazing side note I had called Jared and asked if he and Shirley could keep Hay while we were in the hospital and he was so great and said yes so we get Hay out there and a few hours later he called and said that they had a Liver for Catalina and they were headed up to Primary Childrens too. They ended up being right down the hall from us. So they came down and checked on us and we checked in on them. Around 200 am Catalina was taken into surgery and was given a new liver!!! That morning while she was in surgery Jared and Shirley brought me and my mom coffee and checked on Oly. They were both so calm they are amazing! Catalina got out of surgery around 7 ish and she did great! She is now up in the ICU, on a side note Cat got her liver on Shirley's birthday :) What a great bday present!

So even though Oly's fever kept going up and down, they decided that as long as she was asking for food and drink and keeping it down they would let me take her home! The steroids had made her very irritable and grumpy esp the one dose sent through her IV...when the dr was in I started to cry because she was being so grumpy and mean, I said I just wanted to go home so that I could go see a dr since I was now sick. He was so nice he asked who I had at home to help if I went to the dr and I said no one, so he said oh no let me look at you and we found I had Strep throat :( the dr. gave me an antibiotic and said lets get you two home! The above pic was before she had her dose of steroids that made her mean as hell...We are finally home and so thankful! She is not 100% but is doing great! I am grateful for all of the drs and nurses from start to finish that helped with Oly. I am thankful for Primary Childrens staff! I have never seen her so sick, it was incredibly scary and they made me feel confident that they would make her better and they did! All I can say is I never knew how much I loved my lil house and bed until I was not able to be there! Happy to be home!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Pictures

Easter 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Pictures

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Sport

So Hay is my super good sport! I have used her for a lot my homework assignments for my photography class...Here are a few pics I have snapped of her that I love...Im not sure about the rest of the world but all that matters is what I think right??? lol!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Haylee gets Baptized

My sweet little Hay decided that she wanted to be baptized and that she wanted Uncle Paul to do it. So I have to give credit where credit is due...if it was not for Harmony this would not have happened, Harm did everything she made all the calls and arrangements she told me when and where and she was amazing! So the one thing that I did (also with Harm there :) ) was take Hay to pick out her dress. Haylee wanted this dress almost instantly I told her she had to try it on and it was a bit long but it was the last one. Hay tells me "mom I feel in my heart this is the dress I am supposed to baptized in" mind you she says this while putting her little cute hand on her heart... ummm how do you argue with that? so I said "wrap it up"

She looked like she was ready for her wedding...she is growing up too fast!

Hay had such a great turn out! Everyone she loved came to support her she was glowing she was so happy.

Hay and the twins

Hay with the Milham's

Haylee and Hailey

Uncle Paul and Haylee

Matt, Hay, and Mike

Justin and Hay

Aunt Mel and Hay

Hay with Grandma Rita and Grandpa Ray

Hay and nanny Georgia

me and my Hay

Aunt Mindy, Katie, and Hay

Grandpa Wade, Hay and Grandma Georgia

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and put together Hay's big day! And also to everyone who came and supported her :) I have amazing family and friends!

Christmas 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cousins 2010

Hay turns 8!

Festival of Trees

My 30th Birthday Party

For my 30th Birthday Sarena and I (since she turned 30 a week after me) decided to rent a place in Park City and party it up! This is the Silver Queen hotel, so after a long drive up the canyon we park and unload all of our stuff into our arms and go in to find there is no front desk and an elevator with a key code thingy and also stairs with this key Rena calls the receptionist...ok so get this!!! We have to check in at the marriot to get our key and codes to the Silver Queen! WTF!!! so we get back in the car and drive there and then straight to our dinner at Red Rock before taking all of our stuff to the it was an adventure! But we had such a great night :) I loved being on Main St. we were able to walk to Harry-Os and party and get our dance on and not have to worry about DD's...So these pics are all backwards our adventure started with dinner, then hotel, and were missing the club pics....Anyways enjoy lol!

This is Melody's man she found at Harry-Os

Me and KP

This is the crew who stayed to party after dinner! KP, Lindsey, and Melody

Rena, Harm, Crysta, Hope, Charity, Me, KP, Andrea, Lindsey and Mel.

Beer and Cake!

Lindsey, KP and me

Charity and Hope :)


my beautiful sisters (this was actually harms bday!)

Hope and Harmony

Harm and Andrea

Shirley, Alyssa, and Sarena

Hope and her love letter from a few tables

Charity, Hope, Crysta, and Andrea.

I was so lucky to have all of my great friends come! I love them each so much and turning 30 with all of them there made it not so bad! We are one HOT group of 30 year olds!!!! Thanks everyone :)